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no time for real animations

2008-03-29 15:20:17 by ningaJanena


so I'm ashamed to say that most of the animations I have to post right now are just projects I created while going to college for animation. I would love to have the time to create animations just for the sheer pleasure, but as of right now this seems almost impossible. I have two jobs, one of which is a flash developing job where I'm required to pump out infomercials on products for companies which seems to take up all of my free time while I am home.

hopefully someday soon I can quit my other job and then find the time to create all the animations I've been meaning to.


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2008-03-29 16:34:59

Wait wait... a FEMALE animator on NG? An ADULT FEMALE animator on NG?

But women aren't supposed to exist on the internet! =D

(Updated ) ningaJanena responds:

yeah I know we're few and far between... kinda sad, but not really atleast for me anyway :P

and what, girls can't be computer freaks?


2008-03-29 16:44:59

Wow, a flash animator from Oregon, and you only live 50 about fifty miles from me. Awesome... wow...

ningaJanena responds:

you'd be surprised how many flash animators there are in oregon, portland pumps them out like mad... too many of us here if you ask me :)

never been to salem, is it nice there?


2008-03-29 17:40:41

It sucks when ppl are confined and are not able to do what they want, it makes life more difficult and somtimes those ppl that are confined spread their grief to others and so the chain begins. But you dont seem like one to do so, which is good, it means you a good person.


2008-03-29 23:25:11

Hey at least you're submitting flash animations. I'll never be able to because I use powerpoint and you can't submit powerpoint stuff :(


2008-03-30 22:18:37

your work is really nice!!

ningaJanena responds:



2008-03-31 18:48:40

Animation rulez!

lol random comment :P


2008-04-01 01:17:56

a female animator eh? thats awesome

ningaJanena responds:

yeah there's not too many of us :)