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2008-04-01 17:46:18 by ningaJanena

well now that I guess I'm officially broken in on the newgrounds site and have tons of people viewing the nymph animation it's gotten me motivated to do more animating during the little amount of free-time I have, but...

i don't know what I should animate. don't get me wrong I have TONS of things I want to animate and tons of ideas left bouncing in my head yet to make it anywhere. now I must decide what to work on to satisfy my animating instincts.

I could work on smoothing out and completing the nymph animation, seeing it already has a following, it wouldn't be a bad idea to please people with the full version.

or I could move on in life and start working on my own stories and characters, such as my starving animals or the ants that always die or dumb white guy in costume or my angel/demons story or just the short random shit stuck in my head.

what to do... guess I have to make a decision. but for now I'm stuck working on my animations for my job, gotta meet those deadlines :)

i'm open to suggestions too :)

no time for real animations

2008-03-29 15:20:17 by ningaJanena


so I'm ashamed to say that most of the animations I have to post right now are just projects I created while going to college for animation. I would love to have the time to create animations just for the sheer pleasure, but as of right now this seems almost impossible. I have two jobs, one of which is a flash developing job where I'm required to pump out infomercials on products for companies which seems to take up all of my free time while I am home.

hopefully someday soon I can quit my other job and then find the time to create all the animations I've been meaning to.